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infarct n : localized necrosis resulting from obstruction of the blood supply [syn: infarction]

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  1. an area of dead tissue caused by a loss of blood supply; a localized necrosis


area of dead tissue

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In medicine, an infarction is the process resulting in a macroscopic area of necrotic tissue in some organ caused by loss of adequate blood supply. Supplying arteries may be blocked from within by some obstruction (e.g. a blood clot or fatty cholesterol deposit), or may be mechanically compressed or ruptured by trauma.
Infarction is commonly associated with atherosclerosis, where an atherosclerotic plaque ruptures, a thrombus forms on the surface occluding the blood flow and occasionally forming an embolus that occludes other blood vessels downstream. Infarction can also involve mechanical blockage of the blood supply, such as when part of the gut herniates or twists.
Infarctions are divided into two types according the amount of hemorrhaging present:
Diseases commonly associated with infarctions include:
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